So you’ve hired c-i-l

 What next? 

Immigration is a process - let's go through it

Initial Consultation

discover immigration options
review status

Immigration Plan

choose immigration program
complete and all-inclusive services

Get Visa / Permit

plan journey
travel to Canada!

Meet and Discover

  • Get to know each other
  • Tell us your goals and needs
  • Learn about your immigration options


  • Our team investigates all possible avenues for entry into Canada
  • Choose application avenue that suits you
  • We design a personalized application based on your needs


  • Compilation of all relevant information into relevant documents
  • Drafting and submission of your application
  • Review and 

Receive Permit / Visa

  • Receive documentation for entry into Canada
  • Preparation for entry to Canada
  • Travel to Canada!

What can you expect from us?

Open Communication

Got questions or concerns? Let us know, we are here for you! We value and depend on open communication between us and our clients to achieve your goals.

Professional Integrity

Feel comfortable that everything is being done by a team dedicated to you! We realize the importance and time sensitivity of our work to our clients. Expect the utmost care


Our highly knowledgeable and specialized team are working for you! Draw on our experience to reach your goals